Hillborough Studios


Volume: 1  #1

August 1941

64 Pages

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Notes of Interest

First Adrian Dingle comic work (Nelvana). Dingle in a 1973 interview with Dave Sim said that this story, in fact, uses Franz Johnson's script and makes mention that the idea for Nelvana came from Franz Johnson after one of his trips to the North.. First Rene Kulbach comic work (Tang). First app. Spanner Preston, Nelvana of the North, and Tang. First appearance of Clue Catchers whose writer Pat C. was Adrian Dingle's fiancee at the time and would become his wife in December of 1941. First appearance of "The Mums" cartoon by Adrian Dingle and his only short funny cartoon type of feature (this feature was also suggested to him by Franz Johnson). First funny animal strip in Canadian comics called "Out of the Woods" by Rene Kulbach which would eventually get the full multi-page feature treatment in later Bell issues.



Spies of the Airways
16 Pages


Many, many years ago...
19 Pages


Death at the "Galaxy"
10 Pages


The Story of a Colt
12 Pages