Bell Features

The Funny Comics

Volume: 1  #02

August/September 1942

64 Pages

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Notes of Interest

This is a Bell Features comic but it has no Bell logo on the cover. Breaks away from gag format of issue No. 1 to start full length features about Dizzy Don who now takes on the role of a Detective. The main banner of the title now reads "Dizzy Don Detective" for this and the next two issues. Provides origin of Dizzy Don. Introduces Dizzy's sidekick Bill "Canary" Bird and love interest Shirley Watson. Has one main Dizzy Don story and the rest is made up of one-page gags featuring Dizzy Don.



The Story of Dizzy Don Detective
35 Pages

Text Stories

Mind over Matter
4 Pages
Story Writers:
P. Filstone
Story Artists: