Maple Leaf Maple Leaf


Volume: 1  #3

May 1941

48 Pages

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Cover Artist:
Vernon Miller?

Notes of Interest

Albert Cooper announced as one of the art contest winner from the contest announced in the first issue of Better Comics and a portion of his entry, which looks like a "Scotty" Macdonald prototype (his professional "Scotty" Macdonald feature doesn't appear until Dime Comics No. 1 in February 1942) is printed on p. 40. Tiger Tex's parrot acquires the name "Echo." Iron Man story and first 3 pages of The Hidden Passage story are in colour. Base colour of the pages vary as is common in early issues of Better.



What are you reading about, Uncle?
3 Pages


Well Tiger it was a hard thing to choose a name for me...
3 Pages


We can't possible make port in two days.
8 Pages


The Hidden Passage: David Lee in command of a captured pirate craft...
6 Pages


Life Story of Max Aitken
6 Pages

Text Stories

Educateria - Help Yourself to Education
3 Pages
Story Writers:
Story Artists:
Ernie Walker?