The Whites Project

Here is the team putting this online data base of Canadian Whites together. Starting from the left we are Jim Finlay, Ivan Kocmarek, Walter Durajlija, Tony Andrews, and Stephen Lipson. We are a nonprofit effort with the following mission statement:

Our aim is to promote and preserve the unique legacy of our Canadian war-time era comic books in terms of the creators involved, the characters they created, and what those comics have contributed to our Canadian identity. This data base is one of the first results of this mission. Early on we were approached about putting our data on the Grand Comics Database (and we’re sure that some of the material her will end up there eventually) but we are of the conviction that the information here should have its first home and be built on a firm Canadian base.

If you choose to make use of and/or reproduce any of the information found here, we hope that you will be kind enough to cite your source and perhaps link back to us. We welcome any suggestions or comments in our Forum section. Presently we have just under 25% of the known Canadian WECA comic books (better known as “The Canadian Whites”) indexed and accounted for and will be adding more on an ongoing basis. Please share with us in our love of these original and rare Canadian Golden Age Comics and welcome these books home again.

Stephen Lipson

I am very passionate about Canadian pop-culture and have manifested this passion in the form of collecting World War II era Canadian Golden Age comics. I endeavor to preserve the record for posterity. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from York University and consider myself a comics historian. I have been named an Overstreet Advisor and you will see my report on Canadian "Whites" in the new Overstreet Comic Book Priceguide. I will look forward to continuing to educate others in this niche area of collecting. I am also proud to be member of the Canadian Whites Initiative Team here on this website.

Ivan Kocmarek

Retired high school teacher and comic book collector for over 50 years based in Hamilton, Ontario who has taken on the research of the Canadian war time comics as a retirement project. Has an online weekly column on this subject on Comic Book Daily and recently wrote about these books in Overstreet 44.


Walter Durajlija

Jim Finlay

Tony Andrews

Hailing from Peterborough, Ontario, where Oscar Schlienger once resided after comics pursuing his art career. Tony can be found at Mikes Tattoos on Water street and is always open for talking about comics especially Canadian Whites. Sometimes you can even find Canadian Whites being displayed at the Tattoo shop and other interesting Comic book art.